Every kid deserves a fairy tale

Filthy hands
Innocent heart
The dreams she wanted Crushed down by the world

She had hopes in her eyes
That Tomorrow would shine
In the lap of the freedom
She would sleep like a child

Yestreen when I was taking a walk under the beautiful moonlight, I felt a grab on my back pocket. My feet cemented on the ground. All possibilities of crimes became the headlines in my brain in just a fraction of time. Every hair of my body stood up to salute the brand new “experienced fear” in my heart. It was almost impossible for me to turn my head back. It all happened for 5 to 10 seconds. However somehow I managed to overcome my fear. When I found the truth, I laughed and cried at the same time.

A little girl was trying to persuade me to buy some of her balloons. The torn clothes on her body were enough to justify her situation. She was smiling like she had never learned to smile before. The way she was looking at me could’ve brought anyone in tears. Her hopeful eyes and the spirit to fight touched my heart, but she was just a kid like others.

I wanted to help. I had too many questions to ask but all I could do was to buy all of her ballons.

I have always been interested about the parallel universe but I didn’t know that the other side would be so harsh.


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