Don’t let your ignorance feed on you

We’ve all heard about the rebroadcasting of our whole life, before our eyes, when the time comes to say adios to our consciousness forever. For those, who don’t believe in the soul, life ends here. For the believers, on the other hand, it’s the same ride, because they are not gonna remember anyway in another life.

Thus, it doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, that short span of time, just before your death, is going to judge your entire life that you’ve lived.
Either it can be a smile of satisfaction or a cry of regret.

When a baby is born, she is warmly welcomed by the promises of care and love. The first touch of the mother ensures the safety armor around her. However, the inevitable blunder doesn’t hesitate to put the baby in the basket of corrosive tradition. In order to save her from the explicit pain, we mistakenly drown the basket in the sea of suffering. Within a snap, as childhood passes, she doesn’t fit now in that basket. Then comes a ship to rescue that has been doing the same favor for all human beings since day one. That poor child has no other choices but to reunite with them, who themselves don’t know where the ship is going. They just go with the flow and count every day of their lives like the dead meats, until they are dragged by the Hades’ carriage, without knowing what they’ve missed.
Some of the old souls do realize the truth but they’re dumped by the battery of their life.

Thankfully, Nature’s nature of being unpredictable is always followed by predictable events.
In between the journey, some other ships with hoardings like “Cogito,Β ergo sum” try to show them the U code flag, but having the majority of the population on the board, they do dare to ignore it and keep sailing into the unknown.
In the end, the captain and the crew members taste smile and the rest……….die with regrets.

It’s okay if you can’t decide which ship to follow, but if you ignore your most precious gift of God and refuse to use it, then you don’t deserve to put the extra pressure on this Earth.

Dean Inge once said, “Whoever marries the spirit of this age will find himself a widower in the next”. But we fail to stop ourselves from falling in love with flowing tides.

Riding on the already built path is an inbuilt character of a Human because our brain seeks for our safety first. As a result, we lost our originality somewhere in the crowd, with the flowing tides.
In fact, It leads us to be magnetized with the corrosive tradition that leaves no stone unturned to tear our own existence apart. We thus get ourselves devoid of being a part of both the poles of our life.
Either we have to go with the numbers at the cost of the truth or with the truth at the cost of numbers.

Choosing the truth needs courage because you’ve to stand alone with yourself against ” the numbers”. You might have to provoke even your own admirers, but once you conquer your fear of losing and winning something or someone, the clouds of ignorance will be gone forever and the warmth of your originality will put a smile of satisfaction on your face.

One thought on “Don’t let your ignorance feed on you

  1. Its like from that very depth of mine smbdy is just pulling over the things…..perhaps the depth is same or the soul is one but only a few dare to drown in it…..well expressed shubh way….

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