How far we from Hinduism-1

To explore Hinduism is like an attempt to count myriad of stars on fingers; various Scriptures and the metaphorical words that have drastically changed meanings over time invite several enthusiastic scholars to taste its dynamism. We can’t compile them all over a piece of paper. Therefore, we are willing to snatch the core principles ofContinue reading “How far we from Hinduism-1”

Three reasons to watch Dark

“The god mankind has prayed to for thousands of years, God that everything is bound with, this God exists as nothing other than time itself”. Dark, a must-watch masterpiece, tries to underscores why we should not undermine the miracle of time. Every paradox associated with time, whether you believe it or not, holds the sameContinue reading “Three reasons to watch Dark”

Don’t let your ignorance feed on you

We’ve all heard about the rebroadcasting of our whole life, before our eyes, when the time comes to say adios to our consciousness forever. For those, who don’t believe in the soul, life ends here. For the believers, on the other hand, it’s the same ride, because they are not gonna remember anyway in anotherContinue reading “Don’t let your ignorance feed on you”